A Responsible Company

A Responsible Company

From its inception, QGMI has been committed to sustainable growth and the development of the countries where it operates. This commitment can be seen in the company’s business model, which is geared towards the transformation and improvement of the spaces it intervenes in, whilst always respecting and caring for the environment and the community. That is why, as a vision for the company, the target has been established to actively contribute to the global guidelines of sustainable development.

Transparency and Good Management

QGMI is committed to good management and transparency and believes that making responsible decisions is the key to creating value for the company. QGMI’s good practice is reflected in its Values, Mission, Statues and Internal Policies, whose guidelines to help with the medium and long-term actions, establishing a reliable agenda, increasing credibility, access to credit and boosting the company’s image regarding its stakeholders.


Since the beginning, QGMI has always acted with the utmost respect for the environment as part of its sustainability commitment. For QGMI, caring for the environment is far more than following regulations; the company is actively focused on generating a positive social and environmental impact.

Social Impact

Within its activities framework, QGMI develops social action initiatives linked to projects in Africa and Latin America. In association with social and environmental bodies and local organisations, work has been undertaken to conserve native species, as well as circular economy projects, educational programmes, public health campaigns and more. The recipients of these initiatives are the workers themselves and their families, as well as the communities in the areas in which that work is undertaken.

Ethics and Compliance

To QGMI, compliance is not simply adhering to laws, standards and regulations. Compliance is observing a rigorous system of conformity which considers the continuous evaluation of risks related to the countries, partners and markets in which QGMI operates.

The Compliance Programme is one of QGMI’s pillars of commitment and it faces the challenge of identifying, preventing and dealing with events, misconduct and risks, in a circle of continuous improvement, both at a local and international levels.

Ethics and compliance are fundamental pillars of our activities everywhere we work. They are the foundations of our behaviour and the commitments that guide our business history. QGMI’s Compliance Programme is based on the most advanced ethical behaviour standards and it constantly evolves together with our business.


The Compliance Programme includes the following:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Code of Ethics for Providers
  • Criminal Compliance Policy
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Partnerships and Associations Policy
  • Know Your Supplier Policy
  • Gifts, Presents and Entertainment Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Ethical Channel and Disciplinary Measures Policy
  • Donations and Sponsorship Policy
  • Personal Data Protection Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Communication with the Press Policy
  • Know Your Employee Policy
  • Know Your Client Policy
Download the Code of Ethics ( | )
Download the Code of Ethics for Providers ( | )
Download Criminal Compliance Policy ( | )
Download the Anti-corruption Policy ( | )
Download the Gifts, Events and Entertainment Policy ( | )

Ethical Channel

QGMI strongly believes that prevention is the way to ensure a sustainable and ethical culture. Therefore, communication channels can be accessed by all employees and collaborators. These have the aim of warning about possible irregular conducts.

QGMI’s Ethical Channel is a reliable, confidential and anonymous system through which anyone that is aware of inappropriate conduct that infringes our Values, Code of Ethics or Compliance Policies may communicate, in a secure and anonymous way. The possibilities involve email, the web channel or phone communication.


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